Clever Banks Rely On Us Being Time Poor At Refixing Time

Guess what… your bank is not always offering you the best rate!

If you, like me, assumed that if you stayed loyal to a bank, that come refixing time that your bank would pass on their best rates to their well behaved, loyal customers?

Unfortunately NOT and what’s worse is that the banks rely on this assumption.

They also hope that you are time poor and don’t have the time to shop around and assess all the alternatives. They realise that if they give us time to have a look around or contact a broker that we are more than likely to get offered a better deal.

So you will notice that once your mortgage gets close to its refix date, you will get a friendly call from the bank asking if you would like them to quickly refix your mortgage for you.

And while I don’t disagree with this practice… because it is handy having things done for you BUT if you don’t want to pay more than you have to on your mortgage then it’s time to get a discount on your rates.

As a mortgage broker, my job is to negotiate better rates with your bank… and sometimes other banks.

And the best part is that I will make it as easy, painless and as done for you as possible.

So if your mortgage is due for refixing then give me a call… let’s save you money on your mortgage!